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Billy Milligan

I joined the gym on my 16th Birthday 11 years ago, determined to build a body that I could be proud of. After asking around for advice, it soon became apparent that there’s a lot of misinformation out there. Eager to achieve optimal results, I set out to find any information that could help me over the years.

It was around this time I became uninspired by building more muscle, so I needed new goals. I have since competed in 2 boxing matches and ran 2 marathons. Now my mission is to help you achieve a body shape that you are proud of and find goals that are meaningful to you. Whether that be losing weight and dropping a few dress sizes, building some muscle, or improving your physique, I’m here to help you.

Specialist Areas

  • Muscle tone and development
  • Weight loss
  • Boxing


Level 2 Gym Instructor

Level 3 Personal Trainer